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Rawal Fertility & Women’s Health Centre was started with the goal of providing world class health services at affordable cost. Our compassionate and caring ways of treating patients makes us one of the most sort out fertility and women’s clinic of central India.

The institution was started by Dr. Nikita Rawal who is a Gynaecologist & Fertility expert from UK with a very rich experience of over 20 years in this field. Set on international standards, our centre provide evidence based medical care.

The centre offers excellent facilities and well equipped infrastructure for advanced fertility treatments to tackle male and female infertility challenges. Mastering in various procedures such as Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), Assisted Hatching (AH), Blastocyst Transfer, Sperm and Embryo Cryopreservation, PGD , Endometriosis and others.

A full time senior embryologist available in our High Tec Andrology and Embryology Laboratory

We believe in minimalist and less invasive surgical treatments but if needed we have a fully equipped endoscopic setup for hysteroscopic and laparoscopic surgery.

Rawal Fertility also has a dedicated male fertility Clinic which compromises of expert Andrologists and Gynaecologist specialist to tackle male health challenges specially male infertility. We don’t just leave you once you are pregnant but provide complete care during pregnancy and delivery. Our Fetal Medicine department has experienced sonologist geneticist and counsellor to deal with challenging problems of early pregnancy. We get referrals from all around India for couple or their off springs who have genetic problems.

Though we have all hi-tech facilities, we try to keep your treatments as simple and natural as possible especially when it comes to pregnancy. With a full time Yoga instructor and a dietician in house we try to make your pregnancy and child birth as natural and happy event as possible.

At Rawal Fertility, we are committed to making your dream a reality and we achieve this through our philosophy of personalized care. This approach ensures that everyone who comes to us for help not only receives comprehensive advice, evaluation and a world-class treatment program, but that they are supported at every stage by our dedicated team in order to deliver the very best outcome.

Our Centre for Women’s Health problems is a comprehensive healthcare provider with specific attention to infertility treatments. It is a ‘one-stop’ single-day care clinic where consultation, investigation and treatment are taken care of during the course of a single day.


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