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Endometrial Scratching

A supplemental minimally invasive technique that can help increase your chance of pregnancy through regeneration of the womb lining


This is a simple and quick procedure that we can offer if you have previously suffered from multiple failed IVF cycles owing to implantation failures. This treatment serves as a supplemental technique that can help increase your chance of pregnancy and is offered if you are already undergoing treatment with us here.


Performing a ‘scratch’ to the endometrial lining can change the way that it regenerates, as it seems to provoke a reaction within the inner linking of the womb, releasing hormones and chemicals which help the lining to repair itself. In essence, this makes it far more receptive to an embryo, leading to a better chance of pregnancy and live birth.


Similar in sensation to that of a having a smear test, the procedure involves taking a biopsy of the lining of your uterus (the ‘endometrium’) using a thin catheter that is passed through your cervix. It is usually performed in the week or so prior to the start of an IVF or frozen embryo transfer (FET) cycle.


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