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Ovulation Induction

A medicated cycle to encourage follicle productivity for natural conception


Ovulation Induction is recommended to women who suffer from conditions such as PCOS, or otherwise, who have infrequent periods or perhaps no periods at all.


Failure to ovulate or having infrequent menstrual cycles can mean that it’s difficult to pinpoint the best time to try naturally for a baby.


This treatment involves stimulating your ovaries with a course of drugs administered by injection and /or tablets to help your ovaries produce an egg or eggs. Your reaction to the drugs will be closely monitored throughout your treatment using ultrasounds and blood tests to measure your hormone levels and assess when ovulation will occur. The drugs involved in this treatment are usually Clomiphene Citrate or gonadotropins (hormones).

What happens next?

When ovulation has begun, you can have intercourse with your partner to encourage a natural conception or if you have been diagnosed with other fertility problems, you may be undergoing ovulation induction within a treatment cycle such as IUI.

What are the side effects / risks?

One of the risks of ovulation induction is hyperstimulation (often referred to as Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome or OHSS). This is where the medication you have been prescribed may have stimulated your ovaries into producing too many eggs. Mild to moderate OHSS can be managed with pain medications and will usually resolve on its own within a couple of weeks, but if you are concerned about any of your symptoms, do contact the clinic for further advice.


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