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Intra Uterine Insemination IUI

The placement of motile sperm near to the fallopian tubes in your womb to encourage fertilisation


IUI treatment ensures that only the highest quality, washed sperm are selected and injected into the uterus close to your egg at ovulation, where they are left to fertilise your egg(s) naturally. IUI treatment can incorporate either your partner’s or donor sperm.


IUI treatment is appropriate for same sex female couples, single women and heterosexual couples who wish to use donated sperm.
This fertility pathway may also be undertaken where the male partner has healthy sperm but anatomical problems have caused difficulties with ejaculation and sperm retrieval is required.
Women with known ovulation problems may also undergo an IUI treatment using their partner’s sperm. It may be necessary to stimulate their ovaries prior to this course of treatment.

Natural Cycle

If you are having IUI treatment, this quick and simple procedure will be undertaken at the time you ovulate naturally in your cycle. You may need to do some blood tests or urine Ovulation predictor tests to ascertain the correct time of ovulation. Sometimes an ultrasound scan may also be necessary to confirm the time of ovulation enabling an accurate timing for the IUI treatment.

Medicated Cycle

In the case of ovarian stimulation, where by tablets or hormones may be given to aid egg production In the ovaries, the treatment is timed to coincide with the point that your egg(s) is/are released from your ovaries following close observation. You will also be required to continue any medication in order that your body can progress and sustain the developing embryo.


The procedure involves having processed and washed sperm inserted directly into your uterus near the fallopian tubes using a catheter and is usually painless. You will be asked to wait for a short time after the procedure.

What happens next?

After an IUI treatment, you can carry on as normal but do rest at any time you need to. Strenuous exercise is not recommended as this is now the time of the ‘two week wait’ to see if implantation of a fertilised egg has occurred.
The signs of implantation can be subtle. Some women become pregnant without experiencing any symptoms whilst others may have symptoms similar to the side effects of the procedure itself.
To confirm whether implantation has been successful, you can opt to take a home pregnancy test after 14 days but the clinic will confirm your pregnancy with ultrasound scans and blood tests before discharging you back to your own GP for antenatal care.

What are the side-effects?

It is common for women to experience some vaginal discharge after an IUI. This is not leakage as the sperm have been carefully placed inside your uterus. However, it is likely that some cervical mucus may have been dislodged during an IUI procedure. You may also experience some slight spotting which is quite normal. If you have mild cramping and discomfort, do try to take it easy and rest. If you have any concerns, you can contact the clinic for advice.


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